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A commitment to anti-racism will require more than just a workshop

As anti-racism continues to be at the forefront of our news and discussions, culturally responsive distance learning strategies have become even more critically important. AdaptiveX is a national leader in Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning Professional Development. We can support your school/ or district in building capacity around Racial Equity.

About AdaptiveX


AdaptiveX is a Professional Development and Software company specifically committed to creating equitable outcomes and improving the lives of students through Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning. To us, Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning means helping teachers recognize their own biases, while also arming them with research-based practices in order to appropriately respond to student needs. Our roster of highly trained educational professionals is uniquely qualified to provide high quality, research-based professional development to teachers and school leaders using a mixture of in-person and web-based training, virtual coaching, and unique assessments.

 Join our webinar for a discussion on “Addressing Racial Harm in Schools”. We will discuss strategies for building community with students, staff and families

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culturally responsive teaching, crt,

Virtually endless headlines and newsfeed notifications seem to always pull our attention back to the pressing matter at hand: we need to be having conversations about systemic inequalities and racial discrimination.

Countless infuriating altercations and senseless acts of violence remind us that these headlines are not just handfuls of unsettling anomalies, rather integral parts of a system that needs criticism and revision. Conversations are not enough – real and concrete actions need to be taken at every level, especially in education.

Combating systemic racism in the education system is an integral part of making sure that all students see and live better and more fulfilling lives. Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning is precisely the tool that can help us do just this.

With Culturally Responsive Teaching approaches to professional development, we make sure that teachers are not only aware of systemic issues and their own biases, but that they also have the tools and knowledge necessary to be able to construct a more representative, more antiracist learning environment.


culturally responsive teaching, crt, school leaders

Diverse and representative curricula and assessment methods are a fundamental element of Culturally Responsive Teaching, but perhaps the most important work needs to be done behind the lesson plans.

Even the most representative and perfectly formulated of curricula will not make much of a difference if the teacher presenting the content is not equipped to appropriately deliver the information. We make sure that this will never be the case.

AdaptiveX is committed to seeing that participants grow in their knowledge of Culturally Responsive Teaching and specific instructional skills, collaboratively planning, and implementing Culturally Responsive Teaching Promising Practices with high fidelity.

In this way, our mission is to close the achievement gap through instructional and assessment equity.


If you’re a school leader looking to provide your teachers with equity-based, culturally responsive professional development, our AdaptiveX Lite program might be the perfect one for you. This ready-to-implement Culturally Responsive PD comes in the form of self-paced modules that are aimed at beginning the process of changing practice in service of educational equity.

This 100% online program will help you deepen your understanding of culturally responsive pedagogy, learn concrete skills to implement in your classroom right away, develop and deepen reflective practice in a culturally responsive fashion, and experience effective Culturally Responsive Teaching practices first-hand.


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Especially in an education system, it is paramount to recognize that a student is not simply interacting with a single educator, or even a larger collection of individuals, rather that the student experiences their education as an entire system, the different elements of which are far from mutually exclusive. In order to properly implement a Culturally Responsive Teaching Program, it is not enough for anyone of these individual elements to perform appropriately. Addressing systemic issues needs to be a systemic, holistic process.


A curriculum that is not implementable and accessible at all levels is a basis for systemic inequality. Furthermore, a curriculum that contains and exhibits these same systemic issues is bound to perpetuate them. Significant achievements and advancements by minorities and People of Color have happened throughout every field, throughout every period of history. Recognizing these individuals and these achievements only during specific months implicitly pushes the perspective that these achievements are novelty and not quintessential of progress.

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AdaptiveX’s story begins with assessment, and CEO and Founder Shayla Adams Stafford’s realization that she could not create a single test that would meet the needs of all of her U.S. History students. This recognition that singular test assessments inherently promote inequity led to AdaptiveX’s development of adaptive testing. This assessment method allows not only for shorter tests and quicker results, but also allows for more culturally responsive testing, making assessments accessible to all students.


Teaching should not be seen as a singular interaction point between the education system and the student, but it is perhaps the most important medium by which a culturally responsive curriculum and a culturally responsive system reach each student. For this same reason, educators must have the tools and practices necessary to promote a culturally responsive education and a culturally responsive learning environment.

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From the classroom to the professional world, we all have different learning styles, skills, and strengths. We all learn at different speeds. Because of this, educators and professionals throughout many fields have worked to find accurate and effective forms of assessment that cater to every student, candidate, and employee.

Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT), also known simply as adaptive testing, has become a major player in modern assessment technology. The benefits of adaptive tests extend beyond K-12 education—but how, exactly?