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For District District Leaders:

AdaptiveX offers a variety of services for Districts seeking to align and implement culturally responsive and anti-racist policies. We believe that substantive change does not happen in isolation. Our approach is to connect equity in assessment, instruction, and systems through a variety of tools and services.

Equity Landscape Analysis

Our team can perform an analysis of existing district/school systems,  through customized surveys and focus groups. We issue reports with recommendations and can also support CRT-based performance rubric development.

  • At the systems level, AdaptiveX works with schools to identify systems and subsystems within their district or school that disproportionately fail historically underserved and disadvantaged communities. through our surveys and focus groups as part of our landscape analysis, we support districts in identifying how stakeholders feel affirmed in their cultural identities and areas for improvement.
  • Our work in this vein is enlightening for school/ district leaders. They are able to uncover blindspots they have in Hiring policies, language accessibility etc. In Massachusetts in particular, the 21 schools we work with, this process has been eye-opening as many schools are realizing the anti-black policies and sentiments many of their stakeholders feel.
  • From this data we are able to lead participants through a reflective process by which they craft real, meaningful solutions for themselves. 

Surveys/Needs Assessment

AdaptiveX develops and administers surveys and conducts a needs assessment to ensure that training activities and materials will align with the objectives of the organization receiving training. Our proven approach to a needs assessment has been tested in other school districts and allowed our personnel to gain the insight needed to perform effective training activities leading to the desired outcomes.


AdaptiveX understands the importance of developing a rubric in order to measure progress and achievement of learning objectives in Culturally Relevant Teaching.  Districts will work with leaders to develop customized rubrics for CRT that can be used to assess effective practices in action.

How does our process work

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