Many school leaders are searching for ways to incorporate Culturally Responsive systems and practices in a meaningful and effective way. Our program for school leaders offers a comprehensive approach which includes landscape analysis, coaching and peer-to-peer study of research-based practices.


Educator Workshops: Interactive workshops designed to be delivered in-person or virtually. Teachers/school leaders will walk away with a strong understanding of Culturally Responsive Practices that can be immediately implemented. Half-day, full-day, and multi-day options available.

Racial Equity Action Leadership Program  This program is for school leaders seeking to advance their understanding of culturally responsive teaching and learning through a racial equity lens. Participants utilize an action-research based model to engage in equity-centered design thinking. Through a series of interactive workshops, leaders will identify an issue of equity within their school community, empathize with their stakeholders, develop a solution, and give a public presentation.

Virtual Whole Group Workshops

Our Whole Group Session, like all other training sessions, will provide healing spaces and sensory breaks as the content will at times be of a social and emotional learning nature. We utilize Nearpod, Google Slides and Zoom to create an engaging experience. These tech tools allow us to flow between large and small groups to facilitate varying levels of discussion.

Feedback from our previous online training sessions:

“AdaptiveX, thank you for designing such an effective professional development session and program! We had the opportunity to work with Jason in our breakout/school-based group. He truly was a “game-changer” for us because he was able to help us articulate our goals in a way we have struggled to do in the past. I can’t wait to continue this important work and learning together! Also want to extend my gratitude to Sharifa for sharing her stories and analogies to help us see our students’ realities through a different lens. Overall, excellent PD!! I can speak for my school-based team when I say we are inspired and we are fired up! (PS- I was worried what a 4 hour virtual PD session may look like. However, when we were finished, it felt like it only took 40 minutes and I wished we had longer! The pacing, breakout rooms, and different activities and reflections kept me engaged the entire time!)” – AdaptiveX Training Participant

virtual workshop
virtual learning

PLC Modules

Our PLC Modules are we say “Policy meets Practice” where teachers have the opportunity for peer learning. Teachers will be able to access our modules virtually and engage in online discussions, activities and share learning with other educators.

virtual coaching

Virtual Coaching

School leaders will receive bi-weekly one-on-one or group virtual coaching from professional, certified coaches. These coaching sessions will last one half-hour. AdaptiveX will provide a pool of coaches who will remain assigned to specific teachers and leaders (unless otherwise requested) to ensure a continuous dialogue, awareness and issue and improvement tracking with the same coach. Coaches will be available virtually on a bi-weekly to support teachers and leaders as they engage and coach participants on the targeted topics.

virtual coaching

Curriculum Audit:

We can conduct an equity audit of the existing and planned curriculum to ensure alignment and accessibility for all students.

*We also offer Virtual Book Clubs, Webcasts, and Newsletters.

How does our process work

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