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Brief History of AdaptiveX

AdaptiveX is an award-winning educational consulting and software company dedicated to improving the lives of students through high-level teacher training and adaptive assessments. We were a finalist in the Milken-Penn GSE Business Plan Competition and have been recently interviewed on NASDAQ TradeTalks. We are national leaders in Virtual Professional Development.

AdaptiveX is a Professional Development and Software company committed to improving educational equality for students through Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning.

Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT)

Our definition of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning is helping teachers recognize their own biases while also arming them with research-based practices in order to respond to student needs. Our roster of highly trained educational professionals will provide high quality, research-based professional development to the teachers and school leaders using a mixture of in-person and web-based trainings, virtual coaching, and unique assessments.

We garner teacher buy-in to our practices by utilizing best practices, supported by academic research, and in allowing teacher choice as part of their professional development. Our work in this field is recognized nationally as we recently were awarded a contract to support the State of Massachusetts in professional development. We are uniquely qualified to implement statewide- virtual Professional Development offerings given our past performance.

Founding of AdaptiveX

The company was created in 2014 and since then has trained hundreds of teachers across the U.S. and Internationally in authentic learning practices. AdaptiveX has recognized experts in the field of systematically addressing disparities in education in K-12 education. We have experience providing high-quality professional development and applying adult learning theories in the area of cultural responsiveness through facilitation, workshops and one-on-one and group coaching. AdaptiveX’s consultants have a track record of success and effectiveness leading the implementation of training programs and managing appropriate interaction and dialogue in an environment with school district leaders and teachers. AdaptiveX has also developed a Learning Management System (LMS) with a unique assessment engine.

One example that showcases the capabilities of AdaptiveX is our experience in the SEED Public Charter School of Washington, D.C. where we trained teachers in project-based learning and coached them while aligning with common core principles.

The program received rave reviews from participants who provided feedback including,

My experience has been very insightful this week working with PBL. Being able to let the scholars guide their projects and seeing their enthusiasm build throughout the project was priceless. Generally, I am used to walking them through a lesson step by step or having to assign roles and delegate myself; yet it was nice to empower our scholars through the PBL experience. Giving them this type of agency is something I will definitely incorporate into my character-based education classes this coming school year.

Learn About Our Services

We have workshops for Teachers, School Leaders, and District Leaders. Have more questions? Contact us below.