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Guest author Katie Test Davis is the founder of Forthright Advising, a communications firm that works with public school districts.
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The hiring and recruitment process is often a long, tiring, and tedious one—but it doesn’t have to be. With better
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Traditional paper-based standardized tests have haunted all of us as students and continue to haunt students in schools everywhere. There
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HR duties are filled with tasks that can be anywhere from tedious to delicate, from interviewing diverse candidates, to providing
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Current and recent events that fill our timelines and headlines are doing a great job at reminding the world about
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Headlines both current and not-so-recent in the news have brought to light time and time again many of the struggles
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Thinking back to our last standardized paper exam experiences, some common themes we might find are ridiculously long testing hours,
systemic racism, systemic racism in the education system
It seems that, just about every other day, a new video is released of an unnecessarily violent police altercation, or
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As we get better at pulling out our phones and pulling up our cameras, the world is beginning to realize