Psychometric and Adaptive Testing Solutions


Psychometric analysis is all about measuring the intangible. It’s the scientific method used to measure both cognitive capacities and behavioral styles. What does this mean for your organization? Now you can test for interests, personality, and aptitudes in a reliable way inside custom assessments designed for your business’s values and mission.



Adaptive testing is the answer to your biggest HR pain points, including pre-employment testing and new hire screening, employee training and team building. AdaptiveX packages are completely customizable to your needs, and our consultation on content is always part of the process. Once your tests are live, we also set you up with the assessment management to make the experience simple to use for admins and learners alike.


Are you looking to develop a large-scale test from scratch? Then your organization will benefit most from our total customization package, which provides:

  • Item Authoring
  • Psychometric Coaching
  • Secure Deployment
  • Adaptive Test Creation

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At Adaptive.X, we offer content recommendation solutions for your employees so they can improve their comprehension. Using AI we are able to recommend content within your platform to enhance learner experiences.



We create customized dashboards for learners and instructors that show progress as they maneuver through the learning process.


Instructor Training

AdaptiveX is an award-winning educational consulting and software company dedicated to improving the lives of students through high-level teacher training and adaptive assessments.

Our roster of highly trained educational professionals will provide high quality, research based professional development to the teachers and school leaders of Massachusetts using a mixture of in-person and web-based trainings, virtual coaching and unique assessments.

We were a finalist in the Milken-Penn GSE Ed Tech Business Plan Competition and have been recently interviewed on NASDAQ


We help companies that require certification exams develop better tests.  Adaptive tests are proven to be more accurate and provide a more accurate profile of the learner.

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Education is a tool for freedom and must reflect both assessment and instructional equity. Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) engages students with authentic and rigorous learning experiences that honor the learner’s cultural capital. To effectively engage in CRT, teachers need a toolkit of research-based practices they can use to adapt to learner needs and support equity in learner outcomes. Our team of nationally recognized educators provides in-depth analysis and coaching.

We were a finalist in the Milken-Penn GSE Ed Tech Business Plan Competition and have been recently interviewed on NASDAQ


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