Culturally Responsive Teaching


Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) engages students with authentic and rigorous learning experiences that honors learner’s cultural capital .To effectively engage in CRT, teachers need a toolkit of research-based practices they can use to adapt to learner needs and support equity in learner outcomes.


Our Comprehensive Culturally Responsive Teaching Program for Schools and Districts

Are you looking to implement a Culturally Responsive Teaching Program to provide all students with high-quality research-based instruction?

We offer:

  • District Equity Landscape Analysis
  • District Vision Setting/ Strategic Planning
  • Culturally Responsive Rubric Co-Creation
  • School Leader Training on Racial Equity
  • Virtual coaching

Our team of nationally recognized educators and facilitators will provide in-depth analysis and coaching. 

District Level Support

We provide support for district leaders through analysis of existing district systems, complete with recommendations, and performance rubric development.


Interactive workshops designed to be delivered in-person or virtually. Teachers/ school leaders will walk away with a strong understanding of Culturally Responsive Practices that can be immediately implemented.

On-going Coaching

Support for educators in the form of  in-person or virtual workshops, and frequent coaching. This is important to support teachers as they implement the promising practices. 

Free Resources

Distance Learning Culturally Responsive Strategies Systems Analysis One-Pager


“Thank you for designing such an effective professional development session and program!  Our facilitator truly was a “game-changer” for us because he was able to help us articulate our goals in a way we have struggled to do in the past. I can’t wait to continue this important work and learning together! Also want to extend my gratitude to the facilitators for sharing their stories and analogies to help us see our students’ realities through a different lens. Overall, excellent PD!! I can speak for my school-based team when I say we are inspired and we are fired up! (PS- I was worried what a 4 hour virtual PD session may look like. However, when we were finished, it felt like it only took 40 minutes and I wished we had longer! The pacing, breakout rooms, and different activities and reflections kept me engaged the entire time!)” – Jen, District Leader

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