Assessment Management Services

Total Customization Package

Are you looking to develop a large-scale test from scratch? Then your organization will benefit most from our total customization package, which provides:

  • Item Authoring
  • Psychometric Coaching
  • Secure Deployment
  • Adaptive Test Creation

We use psychometric analysis and our patent-pending system to create deployable adaptive tests ranging from diagnostic tests to formative assessments.

Item Analysis

Our item analysis service will provide you with the following key metrics:

  • Psychometric Evaluation
  • Item Calibration
  • Item Difficulty Analysis
  • Cut Score Analysis
  • Rasch Model Analysis
  • IRT Analysis
  • Detailed Score Reports

Test Creation Platform

The total customization option also includes:

  • Backend storage
  • Up to 10 filters
  • Item bank
  • Integration into existing platform
  • Maintenance
  • Test format customization (video, photo, multiple-choice, select items, etc.)

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