Adaptive Test Creation

Adaptive Test Creation

Adaptive testing is the answer to your biggest HR pain points, including pre-employment testing and new hire screening, employee training and team building. AdaptiveX packages are completely customizable to your needs, and our consultation on content is always part of the process. Once your tests are live, we also set you up with the assessment management to make the experience simple to use for admins and learners alike.

Total Customization Package

Are you looking to develop a large-scale test from scratch? Then your organization will benefit most from our total customization package, which provides:

  • Item Authoring
  • Psychometric Coaching
  • Secure Deployment
  • Adaptive Test Creation

We use psychometric analysis and our patent-pending system to create deployable adaptive tests ranging from diagnostic tests to formative assessments.

Item Analysis

Our item analysis service will provide you with the following key metrics:

  • Psychometric Evaluation
  • Item Calibration
  • Item Difficulty Analysis
  • Cut Score Analysis
  • Rasch Model Analysis
  • IRT Analysis
  • Detailed Score Reports

Test Creation Platform

The total customization option also includes:

  • Backend storage
  • Up to 10 filters
  • Item bank
  • Integration into existing platform
  • Maintenance
  • Test format customization (video, photo, multiple-choice, select items, etc.)

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